this is how my mornings go…

I was going to post a simple “to do today” list for myself here, but as with most things these days, it wasn’t quite so simple.  You may remember me telling you we had dial-up internet.  It was killing us with the slowness.  There was a time when having dial-up wasn’t such a big deal, but the internet is a totally different animal now.  Every site is geared toward high speed connections.  Plus, we have several other gadgets which use internet that were completely unusable.  So, J set about to find the next best alternative.   This took much research what with some companies putting caps on how much info you can download per month and other companies having completely unreliable service.  We’ve finally settled on NTELOS.  It’s a little USB modem thing that plugs into the back of the computer.  J even managed to connect it to the router so we can use the laptop and J’s other toys.  You can take it with you, hooked to your laptop, and get internet connection most anywhere.  Like even driving down the road!  It’s more expensive than DSL, nowhere near as fast, and much less reliable.  Don’t you just love it when you’re paying more and getting less???  However, it’s much better than dial-up.




Except this morning.  Let me replay the events for you:


Wake-up the computer

Wait for window to pop-up asking if I will allow something or other

Wait some more

Try connecting and see if it will pop-up

Computer freezes

Restart the computer-Yes, I want to close Safari and all my lovely tabs

Get Little Lamb more cereal

Computer closes everything, bus freezes before restarting

Turn off computer by pressing and holding the power button

Wait a bit

Get Little Bear more cereal

Turn computer back on

Wait for Allow window

Yes!  Click Allow

Connect to the internet

Check email-nothing interesting

Check Vienna (my blog reader)-read a couple of sites

Open Safari to write a blog entry

[Feel free to take a potty break here, we’re just getting started…]

Connection strength falls to zero, can’t load page

Disconnect internet

Wait while “Disconnecting” streams across top of screen

Go downstairs to basement to put a load of laundry in the washer, feed cat, and retrieve sewing machine and thread

Still “Disconnecting”

Computer frozen again

Restart computer

Get Little Lamb more milk

Wait for Allow window

Click Allow

Signal strength: 0

Wait for improvement before connecting

Reboot router

Signal strength: 3!!

Connect to internet

Open Safari, begin post


Ok, so now I’m going to stitch up a pair of pants for Little Lamb.  I cut them out and pinned them last night.  This is the first time I’ve really modified a pattern, so I’m curious to see if they will turn out.  It’s a simple pair of pants with a flair/ruffle at the bottom.  However, I wanted the flair to be much bigger (a la Portobello Pixie) so I cut the pants shorter and the flair bigger.  Ideally I’ll make her a little dress from the same pattern that she can layer over the pants this fall.


Then, I need to clean up the kitchen.  Switch out the laundry from washer to dryer.  Fold, sort, and put away several loads of laundry.  Get kids to clean up their bedrooms.  Vacuum bedrooms and office.


Sounds like fun!  Wanna come over and help??? 🙂


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