Three quick ones for the road

So we’re sitting at our favorite Mexican food place (as documented here) and I’d ordered the Taco Salad.  It has steak, romaine, red onions, and pumpkin seeds-I omit the beans and jalepenos-in a delicious shell.  It took some doing, but I finally got Little Bear to try a seed.  He immediately declared them delicious and foraged through my salad for as many as he could find.

On the way out of the restaurant he said, “Mommy, I really loved those monkey seeds!”

No wonder he was reluctant to try them!



Belle: Hey, Little Bear.  Wanna come in my room?  I’m writing a song about tennis shoes.

Can you tell we went shoe shopping recently?




We were playing in the (baby) pool in the back yard the other night.  Little Lamb prefers to stand by the side and reach in with her toys because the water is always ice cold.  She determined I was hungry and began preparing me food.  At first it was “mac a cheese” like we’d had for dinner.`I tried to get her to say the word delicious, because, really, there is nothing cuter than little mouths spouting big words.  She paused, but said nothing.  Then she turned back to the pool, got a cup full of water, and said “Want some wishus, Mommy?”  She repeated this over and over and over switching between mac a cheese, wishus, and sometimes even wishus a cheese.


2 Responses to “Three quick ones for the road”

  1. The frame we got was a 7 inch kodak easyshare. It was cheapest at Amazon when I got it.

    Love the “wishus”! That’s so cute!!

  2. Very cute! Soon I’ll have stories like that to share. Right now I have none, but Luke’s favorite word is “Darnit!”

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