Nature day!

Getting an education in nature is quite easy out here where we live.  In just one day, we had visits from a snake (it’s really much longer than it appears in this picture)

I had to sneak out the front door quickly to get that shot as he was hanging out in the bed just outside our front window.  The kids were squealing with a mix of excitement and fear.

Later that day, as Belle and Little Bear were playing outside, we spotted this mommy and baby deer resting in the shade of one of our trees.  Notice how their mouths are open, munching on tasty leaves.

Honestly, it was quite a miracle that I even get Belle to go back outside after that snake sighting!  I instructed them to not cross over to the side of yard where the deer were, so that they would not feel threatened.  They seem to have grown accustomed to our sounds as they make frequent visits to our yard, but better safe than sorry!  

Finally, that evening we had a visit from a lovely butterfly.  It sat on J’s shoe for quite some time, somehow not scared away by the sounds and crazy movements of the children.  Amazingly, this picture was taken at true distance-no use of the zoom!  I couldn’t believe I was able to get so close.

And that concludes our lesson for today!


4 Responses to “Nature day!”

  1. How beautiful!!

  2. Amy Reeves Says:

    WOW! Those are really some neat pictures! Plus I am with you about Belle wanting to go back outside after the snake. It looked like a rat or a king snake. I like those because they eat the rodents and not you. I had one in the back yard in Joshua that scared the holy be-Jesus out of me because it was being threatened by the two dogs we had and the snake was towering over the dogs heads. Yikes, what a sight! I had to go over to the next door neighbors and they had to move it for me. All was well afterwards though. I really like the butterfly! Beautiful!

  3. What a gift to give your children that they get to touch nature everyday.

  4. You guys do live in a beautiful place. Aside from all of the amazing wildlife you took pictures of, I am just amazed at how green it is there! So pretty!

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