Sewing Week 2

One of my goals for this year is to spend one day a week sewing.  I find it so difficult to get motivated some days.  Almost like a depression, but not that severe.  I’m taking a proactive approach and diving into life head on this fall.  So I’ve planned my sewing day to be on Wednesdays, bathroom cleaning days.  This forces me to get off my butt and get the cleaning done early in the morning so I can spend the afternoon playing.  

My first week I made these pants for Little Lamb.  Up next was a project for me!  I’ve studied this pattern so many times, purchased the fabric months ago, and finally worked up the nerve to try it.  It’s actually quite simple and I’m happy with the results.  Though I did realize much later that the fabric closely resembles that of my school uniform…Guess all those years in plaid (13 to be exact!) placed something deep in my subconscious.

The pattern comes from the Bend The Rules Sewing book by Amy Karol.  It is such a fun book!  It certainly gets the creative juices flowing.  

Here’s the “in progress” shot:

The kids always feel the need to get crafty while I’m sewing.  This week Belle decided to make a chef’s hat.  This child amazes me with her ability to take random paper bits and create something quite cool.  One day she made hand puppets from copy paper and even fashioned moving arms!  Oh how I wish I’d taken pictures.  Anyway, she had to incorporate some sewing scraps into today’s project.

And now for the finished purse.


Next time (and I can say with confidence that there will be a next time!) I will make it larger, you know to hold more stuff!  The handle is one solid tube shaped piece that feeds through casings made in the lining so it pulls the sides in a bit.  Amy calls it the charming hand bag, and I must say, it is quite charming!


One Response to “Sewing Week 2”

  1. Very CUTE! And lol on the plaid. I do that too.

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