time flies…

I thought July went by quickly, but August?  Wow, August just slipped right through my fingers.  This last week was no exception.  

Perhaps it was the time I spent stopping Little Bear from riding his tricycle down the front step (a full size step).  Or the lower back injury that had me spending most of Wed & Thurs resting on the sofa.  There was also a play date on Thursday morning, and playgroup on Friday morning.  Maybe the 1.5 hours it took me to get home from playgroup on Friday, causing me to miss picking up Belle at the bus, had something to do with it.  Actually, I’d say that one took YEARS off my life! 

[I was able to call the school and let them know I wouldn’t make it.  They won’t drop off little kids without an adult present.  She just stayed on the bus through the whole route then the driver brought her back to school.  I’ve never felt so horrible!!]

Nevertheless, I haven’t spent as much time sitting here at the ‘puter as usual.  A little time here, a little time there, but man this chair is hard on my back!  

We’ve had a nice, quiet weekend so far and tomorrow looks equally as nice.  Lots of laundry-washing, sorting, and putting away, cooking with my husband (it’s so much more fun WITH someone), and other homey sorts of things.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well!


PS: I have posted a few new recipes over at my cooking blog.  Check them out!


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