Staying dry in NC

We’ve come to NC to visit J’s parents.  They’ve just moved here from TX and are living in a corporate apartment till they find a house.  We hit the mall today-perfect rainy day activity!  And tomorrow we’re hoping to check out some houses.  The kids are soaking up all the Mimi and Grandad attention they can get.  J and I are hoping to get a date night in some time.  It’s been FAR too long.

They have a cat that loves to chase a laser light.  As I write, Little Bear and Little Lamb are running about the apt. giggling uncontrollably as the cat jumps up the walls and darts all around.  

We’re about to sit down to dinner, so I better give Mimi a hand setting the table.  I’ll try to post something of actual substance soon, I promise!


One Response to “Staying dry in NC”

  1. I’m so glad you all are having fun–I wish we could be there!! Just wanted to say that if you don’t get a date night in this visit we would be happy to give you one this weekend–we could use the babysitting practice:) Have fun and please give everyone hugs from me!

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