Updates all around!

First, on the lavender spray-I sprayed the sheet 3 times and sufficiently ridded the sheet of any musty basement smell.  I wouldn’t say it was noticeably lavender smelling, but hey at least it didn’t stink anymore!

On Belle’s school issues.  Hmmm, where to begin.  So I believe I’ve told you that her teacher is pregnant and was having some swelling issues.  It seems that Thursday afternoon her doctor placed her on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.  The administration scrambled (my word, not theirs) to find a suitable long-term sub and had her there on Friday with the sub the kids had earlier in the week.  I discovered all of this Friday morning when I showed up to help with the pancakes.  

There was one other mom there, as well as a set of grandparents to help with the pancakes.  The room was a flurry of activities as administrators, aids, and the counselor scurried in and out.  We set about making the pancakes, the teachers tried to keep the kids on task, and the administrator oohed and ahhed (read: tried to make sure we parents were sufficiently happy with their level of involvement).  

I was able to observe a few things while I was there:
Dodger and Belle don’t sit at the same table, don’t work in the same small groups, and really don’t seem to interact that much.  I’m sure there’s some recess time, gym time, or free time for them to talk, but quite honestly it seems to have blown over.  Kids are still pretty forgetful about that sort of stuff at this age.  Wait a couple of years and they’ll never forget the day Amy B peed all over the floor because the teacher said she had to wait to go to the bathroom.  Oops!  But I’m willing to bet almost no one noticed the time I wet myself in first grade because I was too shy or stupid or Idon’tknowwhat to ask to go to the bathroom.
I’m keeping a close eye on this new sub’s choice of dress.  Let’s just say I saw a bit more of her upper half than I’d like!  I have a good feeling that the admins noticed this too, but I’m not above saying something about it should I need to.

I’m thinking my stress level over this new teacher so early in the year has pretty much taken over my boy worries for now.  Belle is really good about talking to me about things, so I feel confident that I’ll know if there is any more trouble.  On the other hand, I can’t ask her about the competence of her teacher.  Why does this all have to be so darn complicated??!!??

In other news, I have a few new recipes on my other blog.  Go!  Check them out!


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