One down, one to go!

So we survived Little Lamb’s big day, but wow was I exhausted!  We took Belle to school, came home for a bit, took Little Bear to school,  then drove around some (LL fell asleep on the way back home and we had to be back at LB’s school to help with an activity, so I just let her sleep in the car).  By 10 we were back at LB’s school to oversee the tricycle/bike fun.  We stayed through playground and snack time, then we all zipped off to meet Belle’s class by 11:30 for lunch.  After a soul-satisfying school lunch of pizza and fruit, we had cupcakes in Belle’s classroom followed by recess!  Because nothing says, “Wasn’t that a great lunch?” like running around in circles on the playground!
It was about 12:40 when we left Belle’s school and headed back home.  We collapsed on the sofa, snuggling and snoozing together for about an hour.  LB kept on sleeping while I dug around for recipes.  The afternoon involved much butter, sugar, and flour as I decorated cupcakes for soccer, made a cookie pie for LB’s birthday and brownies for Belle’s birthday.  
When J called to say he was on his way home, I threw together a simple dinner (bacon, pasta, corn, broccoli, and parmesan cheese-don’t forget to save some pasta water to use to make a “sauce”).  The kids love these meals, exclaiming them to be the BEST DINNER EVER!  
After dinner was present time.  Watching LL meticulously tear the paper was so fun, but having to hold LB back like a bull ready for the fight-not so much.  We ate cookie pie for dessert, then the kids set about playing with LL’s new toys.  It was close to 9:30 before I wrangled them all in bed.  
Then I collapsed onto the sofa again, but with J this time.  Surfing through old clips of “You Can’t Do That On Television” on YouTube.  I rested my head on his shoulder and promptly fell asleep.  After a while he woke me up and I moved to the bed.  And that was that.  Another birthday down.

You might think that was too much activity to throw at such a wee girl on her birthday, but she couldn’t have been happier.  She got to be part of LB’s and Belle’s worlds at school and that made her very happy!

My favorite parts of the day:

Overhearing LB telling LL “You’re two today, Sweetie!” in his happy sing-song voice.  I was making dinner, so I didn’t see it.  But I didn’t have to see it to know what it looked like-his little arm wrapped around her shoulders, his head bent down to meet hers.

Reading Belle’s card to LL:
Happey Bithday [Little Lamb] who is a cowgirl I love you!    (With a picture of a cow underneath)
Serve’s up girl just renumber I love you!   (With a picture of Belle and LL on surf boards underneath)

Today looks to be just as exhausting with “The Big Game” (Belle’s first soccer game) and celebrating Belle’s seventh birthday.  How am I the mother of a seven year old???  When did I get this old?


5 Responses to “One down, one to go!”

  1. Yikes, all of that chaos is making me nervous to have Patrick’s birthday, my birthday, our anniversary, and the baby’s birthday probably all in the same week! What were we thinking?? Oh well, you’re a great role model for me–if you can do it, I guess I can do it too! Today please give Belle a BIG birthday hug from us–we love her and are so proud of her! She really is such a special girl:) Happy Birthday, Belle!!

  2. Seven was a hard birthday to face. Very emotional.

  3. Happy Birthday sweetheart! We wish we could be there to celebrate.

    … and I’m glad I still have another 7 months until mine is 7 yrs old… argh…

  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy belated b-day to both your b-day girls!

    I have an almost 7.5 y/o and a 2.5 y/o. We just had a little celebration for her half-birthday. You can never have too much cake, is my motto.

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