Right now, avoiding the radishes

I’ve been concentrating on living in the right now.  Taking time to enjoy the amazing weather we have here in the fall.  And the leaves.  Oh the leaves!  And the mushrooms!  Bigger than any I’ve ever seen before.  I have so many pictures I want to share with you guys-cute kiddie pics, a farm down the road with Texas Longhorns on it, and oh so many nature photos.  The thing is our computer and camera are having a bit of a disagreement and there’s some program J has to buy to fix it.  His paycheck went in yesterday and I told him last night he better buy it tomorrow while the money is there or it will be spent somewhere else.  I’m hoping it’s a quick fix because there are some 160 photos on the camera waiting to be downloaded.  And I NEED to share them with you!  No, not ALL of them.  Don’t worry!

And so, instead of pretty pictures, I share with you some nice anecdotes about my favorite little 7 year old.  I firmly believe that 7 is going to be “her” year.  Seeing her blossom into this amazing young girl is just so much fun to watch.  And though she’s becoming more and more comfortable with around other people, she still saves her best stuff for us!  

We decided last week to finally try Sunday School.  We’ve attended this church for about a year and a half.  It was quite some time before Belle was willing to go to Children’s Church (during the actual service) by herself.  She always resisted Sunday School and I decided it was not an issue I wanted to push.  This year, however, she wanted to try it.  I picked her up from Sunday School and she declared it the Best. Thing. Ever!!  

She’s doing so well on her soccer team.  She’s no soccer stud, but she’s really thinking while she’s on the field.  I’m trying to get her to be aggressive.  It’s funny to watch 3-4 girls stare at the ball, unsure of whose “turn” it is to take it, none of them wanting to hurt the other’s feelings.  She told me today after the game, “I kept thinking ‘I want the ball.  I want the ball’ everytime I played.”  You know what?  I could totally tell that was what she was thinking!

We went on a nature walk today, spotting even lovelier signs of fall with every step, when she brought up the subject of camping.  She said you have to be sure to have a shovel and a bucket of water with you whenever you camp.  My thoughts immediately went to a lack of a bathroom, but I knew that wasn’t what she meant.  I asked if she meant you needed them if you  have a camp fire.  She said, “Yes.  You have to poor the water on the fire when you are finished because the radishes can make another fire start.”  “Do you mean ashes?” I said.  “Umm, yeah that’s what I meant,” she replied.  “Yeah, because radishes are vegetables, honey,” I added.  “Oops.”

And here’s the last story I have to share today.  She decided to draw in bed tonight before going to bed.  She came into the living room a few minutes later with a drawing of a girl in a dress and the words “Eney size 1 2 3 or evin 4 5 6 or 7 just eney”  [Eney=any] I wasn’t sure what it meant at first, until she explained that it is a dress she’s designed and who could we take it to to be made into a dress?  Hmmm, well I don’t really know.  I told her we could hold onto them for a while and maybe we’d figure something out.  She’s added a few more drawings to the file.  And believe me when I say she has every intention of sending them somewhere to be made into dresses.  Sometimes it can be difficult to walk the line of reality and dream squasher.


One Response to “Right now, avoiding the radishes”

  1. A little fashion designer – how precious. Seven is a good year and eight it wonderful too.

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