Happy discovery

We have a few unpacked boxes downstairs in the basement and now and then I find myself digging through them in search of something.  They’re mostly just my craft stuff that I haven’t taken the time to organize, but there were a few things we simply couldn’t find.  Like our checks.  Sure we needed to order new ones with the new address, but I knew I only had a couple of books left and I generally only write checks for rent and Little Bear’s preschool, so the address didn’t really matter.  But no matter how hard I looked, they seemed to have disappeared.  

That’s what I thought anyway.  Until yesterday, when I was breaking down the big mountain of empty boxes, and I found one on the bottom of the piles that actually had stuff in it!  All kinds of stuff we’ve been looking for: the other telephone, the stapler, the drawer organizer from the upstairs office area, and the aforementioned box of checks.

We’re still missing the slats for Little Lamb’s crib-she’s sleeping in the port-a-crib.  At least it’s wooden, but it’s the size of a pack’n’play.  I really have no idea where they could be-two long, skinny wooden pieces should be sort of difficult to lose.  They’ll surely turn up the day we give up and buy her a toddler bed.

We’ve survived the first half of this month so surely we’ll survive the second.  But it sure will be easier once J gets back on Anesthesia!  Have a good weekend folks.


One Response to “Happy discovery”

  1. Once when I moved, I lost an entire garment bag full of dresses. Just gone. Never to be found.

    Feeling unorganized is very frustrating. Hope things get back to normal soon.

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