I think I’ve mentioned here before that Little Bear doesn’t quite grasp the notion of phonics like Belle did.  I’m hoping I haven’t already shared this funny LB story already, because it makes me smile every time he says it.

Since Belle had a firm understanding of phonics at an early age (thanks to Letter Factory, not me), I was able to say things like puh-puh-popcorn to correct her from saying cawcorn.  I’ve tried this some with Little Bear, but it just isn’t working.  As evidenced by two recent interactions between he and his sisters:  

First, when teaching Little Lamb the name of one of his super heroes he said “Listen!  Juh-juh-Green Lantern!”  And just now, when talking to Belle about his drawing he said “It’s my wuh-wuh-picture!”

I’d only heard him say “Juh-juh” and then some completely unrelated word before, so maybe we’re getting somewhere.  Ha!


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  1. Funny! Kristin did that too… but it does start the cheese wheel turning. They associate the fact that each word has a sound – so it is a beginning!

    She now knows 12 word wall words – which is sight words instead of phonics… but I am working on sounding them out with her now.

  2. That is so funny!

  3. Nancy Hall Says:

    Hi! Crisanne, I have been enjoying reading your blog Depeche Mom. It helps me keep up with a beautiful, young, growing family. I am so proud of you and Jeff! Keep in touch. Send me pics when you can. Everything in Texas is as always. Today is beautiful weather. Highs in the 60s, lows in the upper 40s tonight. Our first real Fall Day. Clear Skies, sunny. It’s just beautiful! We moved off campus even further now. Almost 300 Cook employees were moved out of Easter Seals Bldg., and the old Admin Bldg. to Burnett Plaza downtown Fort Worth at 801 Cherry. It’s fun to be located downtown for a change. Once I left the medical center, way back in 1998, it’s never really been the same anyway. And, once I went to work for Cook Children’s Physician Network with no patient contact whatsoever, it seems like I just work for a non-profit in corporate America. So….might as well be in a beautiful building in downtown Fort Worth near everything that is “happening”! We are on Burnett Plaza Park, so there are often bands playing or other entertainment just outside our building. Tell Jeff, Dr. Laney is still president of CCPN, but we have a new CEO of the Health Care System. It’s Rick Merrill from Driscoll in Corpus Christi. Lots of changes and growth going on now! Hello to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know your new e-mail address, if you have one!

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