My two year old

Little Lamb is becoming quite the funny little girl.  She loves her older siblings so fiercely.  She has only just recently adjusted to them being away from her some during the day.  The way she talks about them when they are away at school brings a smile to my face.  She loves her Daddy, too, and insists that he do things for her (instead of me!!) like buckle and unbuckle her in her car seat whenever he is available.  Neither of the other two have done that.  In fact, we’ve had quite a few talks about how crying when Daddy buckles you hurts Daddy’s feelings and is really quite silly.  
She plays with boy toys and girl toys equally and likely has the least gender bias of any of the three.  Belle had a firm grasp of boy vs girl stuff well before her third birthday, but I never understood how she knew it.  Little Bear seemed to know about boy vs girl stuff but didn’t seem to care.  But LL flows so easily between it all.  I guess I thought she’d have the firmest grasp of boy/girl things, what with having a brother and sister to watch.
When it comes to playing Barbies, LL prefers the boy barbies.  There was a time when she carted them everywhere with her, and you dare not touch one without making sure to grab an extra for her.  She has a serious case of the “I want what you have, just because you have it” syndrome.  Originally she called the boy barbies guy boys, then she called them doosh boys (we never really figured this one out), and now she calls them Jonas Brothers.  A few things still remain true: they must be completely naked, you must carry them around by either an arm or a leg, and you must have a hair brush handy for taming their boyish locks.  The funniest part, which I almost forgot to mention, is how she uses her best “low” voice when she plays with them.  She says things like “Hi, there” tilting her head down low and sticking out her precious little lips just so.  It’s quite a sight to see!  🙂
She still provides the greatest challenge to keep happy, but she’s come a long way since those dark and dreary 4-10 month days.  She knows most of her colors, she loves to sing, and she’s growing to like her Bible School class.

But I’m dreading the throw yourself down on the floor tantrums that I KNOW are coming.  If past behavior is any indicator of the future, I better buckle in tight ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

[She’s started them a little at home, but hasn’t escalated to public display…yet!]


2 Responses to “My two year old”

  1. Sounds like a well rounded little girl! I am quite impressed that at 2 years old she is just now starting in with the tantrums. Big Brother had it down pat as soon as he could crawl (about 10 months) and Baby Boy has been starting it iin the last month or two (so around 16 months)…so far Baby Boy’s are much easier to get around…so far, I said. I’m not holding my breath!

    That is funny about wanting Daddy to do things…(I know you are secretly leaping for joy when that happens)…as tired as Doc is, when he comes home and all the boys want to do is play with him…even when he is exhausted, I am only slightly guilty feeling…ever so slightly 🙂

  2. Luke hangs onto Jason like there is no tomorrow, and follows him around everywhere when he is home. He even stands outside our bedroom door when we have it locked.

    LL sounds fun. I know the other 2 are. Miss you.

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