Smokin’ Pants

Today was not a great day for my Little Bear.  He lost the “privilege” of wearing his beloved Buzz Lightyear costume.  He was not allowed to eat any Halloween candy today, including no dessert at all.  Whew that was quite a blow!  He had several time outs.  And he was not allowed to have any toys in bed.
What was the reason for all these punishments?  Lying.  He told J that I said he could have some candy this morning when I had not.  He messed with the blinds in his room, but denied it to me.  He took a toy away from Little Lamb, but claimed ignorance despite her screams otherwise.  He moved his bed as well as his sisters when he was supposed to be sleeping, and had the nerve to tell me he didn’t do it!  And those are just the few I can remember right now.
He is easily one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever known, but when has a bad day-hold onto your hat!
I’ve talked good choices ’till I’m blue in the face.  Right now, I’m left only to pray for a better day tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Smokin’ Pants”

  1. I feel for you. Same post-Halloween misbehavior here as well. I hope tomorrow’s better for you.

    And I’m a huge Depeche Mode fan so I love your blog name.

  2. Zachary does this too. Sometimes I think he is just confused and others I think he is far too sneaky.

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