A Success!

I’m happy to report that the teacher conference was a great success.  Unfortunately J was stuck at the hospital, so I had to go it alone with all 3 kids.  What’s new there, really??

The substitute teacher, Mrs. S., had administered several tests to get an idea of where each student was at the beginning of the year.  Belle scored extremely well, so much so that the teacher had to keep going to higher and higher levels to finally stump her.  I was probably the most excited when she said Belle’s reading comprehension was so strong, as that was a MAJOR struggle for me.  So much so that I would fail quizzes despite reading the text.  And guess what my solution was?…Stop reading!!  Not something I’m proud of, but true nonetheless.  

As for the 1, 2, 3 part-I guess there were a few things that the first grade teachers simply had not covered and instead of leaving them blank, they all decided to mark them 2’s.  It seems to me they could have saved us all a bit of trouble (I wasn’t the only parent that asked about it) if they’d just left them blank as they did in Kindergarten.  The “key” of the report card has a part that says “…” means not yet assessed.  Oh well, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  

The “real” teacher is coming back when school resumes after Christmas, so that will be a relief.  Not that Mrs. S isn’t doing a good job, I’d just like to have things settled.


2 Responses to “A Success!”

  1. are you really surprised by Belle’s aptitude? Come on…breeding says a lot. Math mom, doctor dad…kid should be the next Einstein! (hey, I just realized that means mine should be too!) Ha!

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