Halloween 08

We had a great Halloween this year.  Belle and Little Bear had so much fun dressing up.  Little Lamb wasn’t into it too much, so I went with a low key kitty costume made of leftovers from Belle’s kitty costume with just plain clothes.  She also wasn’t in the mood to smile for the camera, so pictures of her are pretty slim.  

Here’s Belle as Gabriella from High School Musical:


Little Bear makes an adorable Buzz Lightyear:


And here is Little Lamb as a kitty


This really was the best picture of her.  Most of the time she ducked her head so we couldn’t see her face.  Silly girl.

J was able to participate in all the fun-pumpkin carving at school, trick-or-treating at the college and in our old neighborhood.  The kids were in total disbelief that he was actually going to be able to do everything and not go to work.  We are all thankful to have that month behind us!


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  1. They are so cute!

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