no mo noblopomo

I missed posting yesterday for perfectly good reasons, but the rules are strict for noblopomo.  Oh well, I’ll still try to get on here every day.  It’s good exercise for my brain.

I awoke yesterday with uncomfortable stomach pain.  Kind of a burning feeling under my ribs.  The strange thing was it felt better when I stood.  The pain persisted throughout the day, slowly moving southward toward the right side of my abdomen.  I wasn’t nauseous, but didn’t really want to eat either.  I’d stand for a while until my feet couldn’t take it anymore, then I’d sit until the stomach pain was too much.  Around 3 pm we decided I was going to have to go to the ER to be evaluated for appendicitis.  We checked in at 4 pm.  It was 5:30 before I was triaged.  At 7:15 I went back to my room.  The place was so busy there were people on beds in the hallway.  Thankfully I did get my own room.

The doctors ordered the CT Scan and took blood and urine samples.  I drank 3 doses of a nasty drink to make my insides glow.  It was midnight before I headed off for the CT Scan.  Around 2 am the doctor came in to tell me my appendix was healthy, but I had a uti.  At 3 am we picked up the kids from a friend’s house-J put in the mayday call to one of his fellow residents around 8:30 pm and took the kids to their place.  Around 3:45 am I snuggled up in my bed and went to sleep.

I’ve mostly just lazied around today.  My stomach has been churning something fierce, likely from all those chemicals I ingested for the CT Scan as well as the antibiotic.  I’m praying for a quiet night tonight!

***Seems I hit save instead of publish.  I usually double check these things but I was too tired last night.***


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  1. Oooh, take it easy. I hope you feel better soon.

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