More grosgrain goodness

I’m doing a little better.  Not as “better” as I’d like.  My stomach is still, ummm, unhappy (you’re welcome).  I’m still pretty tired and get achy if I do too much.  I’ve got junk in my throat-allergies or a mild cold???  And, to top it all off, I’m due for the “monthly visitor” any time now.  Seriously, how much can one body stand?

On a happier, much for fun note, here’s a link for another Grosgrain giveaway.  This time it’s an adorable little lamb and Little Bo Peep costumes.  This is the last of her costumes this year.  They’d make great additions to the dress up trunk if you’re not into holding on to costumes for a year.


One Response to “More grosgrain goodness”

  1. im glad you are diagnosed and recovering. i’ll pray for grace to get through the days.

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