blogging, facebook style

You know, when you first start your blog, they way you think shifts.  Everything is recited in your head as a possible blog post.  You carry your camera in your purse and take pictures, not for yourself, but for “your readers”.  Even though you only post 1/5, nay 1/50, of the actual stories you create, you still draft in them in your mind nonetheless.

Then enters facebook.  And everything turns to one sentence status updates.   So here’s a few of the things I’ve been up to lately facebook style.

Depeche Mom is

*running the dish washer for the second time in one day! 
*listening to Little Bear and Little Lamb one-up each other with “When I was little…” stories. 
*wishing I’d planned a little better before I went to the store yesterday as I have no complete meals right now.  Guess I’ll be back at the store this afternoon!
*going to playgroup
*a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning!
*freezing in the office-no baseboard heater in here and we haven’t turned on the “real” heater yet.
*headed to the bus stop to get Belle.  Brrrr.
*glad the bus stops at the top of the driveway this year!
*listening to Belle whine because I won’t let her take money to school to pick out books at the bookfair. 

And there you have it!  My life in a nutshell.


2 Responses to “blogging, facebook style”

  1. So funny… yet, so true. (both things!)

  2. Oh the book fair! I loved the book fair. And we are still holding out on the heat too.

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