so long as I don’t smack my head

It’s full speed ahead for Christmas around here.  Well, Christmas and Little Bear’s birthday.  I spent the morning running errands-which the kids always think we’re going to see Aunt Erin, but are quite disappointed to learn that, no, we’ll just be going lots of places-and managed to forget many of the things we really needed-trash sacks, cheese for dinner, tissues, cat litter, to name a few.  I did find a nice collection of wool sweaters at GoodWill.  I promptly threw them in a long, hot wash cycle and a full heat dry cycle.  What were once size large adult sweaters would now fit Little Bear comfortably!  No worries though, as this process, called felting, was exactly my intention.  I can’t give all the details here yet as there are a couple recipients reading here.  Suffice it to say that the recycled portion will only be a small detail to the total project.  I think my sister was a bit worried when she called and I told her I was at GoodWill looking for part of her Christmas gift.  I love me a good resale shop, but it’s not usually my go-to store for gifts, you know?
I watched LB’s friend JS today for a while.  I was planning to head back out for the forgotten items once Belle was home and JS headed out, but I stopped to take a peak online and LB fell asleep.  I’m now faced with deciding just how important cheddar cheese is to our tacos tonight.  Considering that the cheese would be Little Lamb’s main course, I’m thinking I will be waking my boy pretty soon here.
I love how everything is pointing to Christmas now.  LB brought home the annual advent paper chain from school today.  I love how they make these every year in each of the classes.  I just remembered a calendar I’d gotten on clearance last year at Michaels.  (Is it ae or ea…I never can remember!  Please tell me I’m not the only one with this dilemma.) 
This post seems especially disconnected, even for me.  So, I think I’ll head to the basement to dig out that calendar.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday week and are enjoying this first day of December.


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  1. Oh, I love that they think they’re coming to see me!! When I was little I was sure that my mom was running Erins, too. Please give them big, big hugs from their Aunt Erin:)

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