Holidays continued

Wow, I’m so creative with these titles!  So last I left you, we FINALLY got all the kids settled in beds and they were asleep in a matter of moments.  Saturday morning, Mom and I headed out for a bit of shopping.  There’s a great outlet shoe store (on University near the new Apple Store if you’re in their part of TX) with fabulous prices.   It won’t be open much longer, so hurry if you’re interested.  Mom knew she couldn’t buy me shoes without me there, so we agreed to shop after Christmas.  Also, Harold’s is going out of business and had everything marked down to 70% off-no returns or exchanges, so we had to do that shopping together as well.  We took Belle along with us, being the “fashion girl” that she is.  Yes, she really does call herself that.  She had me trying on every. single. high heeled, sparkly, and/or animal print shoe in the place.  Of course none of those were the least bit comfortable.  I did come away with a killer pair of cowboy boots (Hi, MB.  Yes I did really buy cowboy boots and J actually likes them!) and a cute pair of pointy-toed black patent wedges.  
We also did quite well at Harolds-new jeans, a jacket, a couple of t-shirts and a cute red and black printed top, all for less than the price of the jacket normally.  Most of all, we had a wonderful time shopping together, just us girlies!
That night my brother and sister and their families all came over for dinner at our favorite Mexican food place.  We’ve eaten Christmas Eve dinner there every year (except when it falls on a Sunday) since they opened in 1975.  I suppose that eating out on Christmas Eve sounds strange to some people, but 1. eating in a restaurant was a huge treat for us as kids and 2. my parents both worked hard on Christmas Eve-what with all the church services-and making a meal was nearly impossible.  That night actually felt more like Christmas Eve than actual Christmas Eve!  All the cousins had so much fun playing together that night.  
Sunday brought church at my Dad’s church.  I’m glad we were able to go there (where we were all baptized and my parents, my sister and I were married) because the church is in quite a bit of turmoil.  We don’t actually know how much longer they will able to stay in that building-a beautiful old church full of stained glass windows, pointed arches, and deep red brick-as the bishop and priests decided to break away from the Episcopal church.  My parents are quite saddened by this choice, but don’t really know what to do.  I think they’re in a wait and see what happens mode.  I know it really hurts my mom as she’s attended that church since she was 4.  Her mother was quite active in the women’s ministries and she got to know my Dad there-young choir director/organist spies cute choir member and the rest is history!  🙂  
Wow, that was an unexpected tangent!   My brother’s kids had stayed Saturday night with us, so we headed to their house for lunch.  My brother and his wife are excellent cooks and prepared us a fantastic beef bourguignon.  The kids played and played with nary a complaint to be heard.
Monday brought ANOTHER visit with all the cousins.  The girls cooked up a plan to go shopping at Justice and buy matching t-shirts.  My sister’s kids spent the night at my parents house, which occupied my kids perfectly, and J and I headed out for the night.  The entire night!   My Christmas present from my dear husband was dinner at the restaurant where we were engaged and a night at the hotel where we spent our first night after our wedding.  It was a complete surprise to me as my suggestions were work-out clothes and a trip to the ice rink!  We had a wonderfully relaxing evening together.
Tuesday, our last day in TX, took us to the mall to exchange a couple of items followed by a haircut for me.  I had so much sans-kid time Monday and Tuesday it was surreal!  
Wednesday brought us back to our reality here in VA.  A much loved reality with everyone home together.  We ended our vacation time straightening up a bit here and there, playing on the Wii, and spending lots of time just being together.  
Oh and I did get that trip to the ice rink from my sweet Belle!  She did quite well for her first time skating, but LB was not into it.  J took him once around-the longest trip around the rink in history I imagine-and when he came off the ice, LB said to me, “Daddy called me a wet noodle!” with a frown.  I couldn’t really argue as that is exactly how he looked!  I was glad that it all came back to me fairly quickly, though I never really got much speed going.  The place was crazy busy!
 Little Lamb is awake now and LB’s Wii time is up, so I’d better go.  If you managed to stick around through all that, well, give yourself a pat on the back!


3 Responses to “Holidays continued”

  1. Sounds like a great trip!
    Now that you are back in VA it’s icy and snowy and generally winter… It was in the 70’s while we were all gone…
    Figures, doesn’t it?

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    You go girl, with the boots! I can only wear mine in fall and spring since I slip onto my “bumper” on the ice with those cowgirl boots. And after all those “What not to wear” shows, I am being more fashion conscious.

    I tried to get Jason a new suit, since that is what he wears if he is not operating, and he said, “don’t bother.” He is NOT fashion conscious. He loves his scrubs…

    My Grace is still a clothes horse. When we first got here, she stopped wearing her cutesy bows and clothes (since the girls here dress dreadfully), but she is back to her old style.:) Very girly girl, babyish, or cutesy stuff. Luke has finally started wearing jeans!!!!!

    The kids got an XBox for Christmas, and a Gameboy. I can’t believe we are technology updated.

    Tell your parents “hi”. ANd I saw a news special on property disputes in the Episcopal church with breakaway congregations. Sad……..

  3. Loved the story about your parents! cute, cute!

    (hm.. and the wet noodle comment? must run in the family… lol)

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