On my mind…

It’s 18 degrees this morning. They are predicting a light snow, therefore I’m sure it will do nothing. It seems the only way to get snow around here is to completely catch everyone off guard with it.

Little Bear wanted to watch a movie this morning that we’d left in the car. I ran out in my pajamas, robe, and slippers to get it. That’s supreme sacrifice people! He jumped with joy when I came back in with it.

Belle is off from school today. We’ll head to the mall this morning and poke around for deals for next year. This afternoon we’ll be all about the inauguration. J will be home earlier today, so we’ll probably just all watch it together.

I’m trying a recipe for egg rolls tonight for dinner. I had some wrappers leftover from a Pampered Chef show I hosted and somehow I’ve decided I actually like egg rolls now. Seems like a perfect meal to make for a mixed carnivore/vegetarian crowd, not that I know anything about making vegetarian food!

J called Belle a bookworm the other night-probably when she read two of my old chapter books in one sitting-and she was so thrilled. I told her I’d always hoped for a bookworm and now I have my very own!

I found these cute phonogram cards by Jan Brett online through Karen’s site. (Hi, Karen. No, I’ve never commented…but I am reading!) Once we have more printer ink, I’ll print them up on cardstock. They are great for spelling and just general understanding of how word families work. Honestly, they’re worth the ink for Jan’s beautiful illustrations alone!

Belle’s teacher gave them assessments all last week for the end of the quarter. I’m quite curious to see if there has been much change since the last report cards.

Little Lamb just came in to announce that she, Belle, and I are girls. I know that was pressing on your mind!

J’s parents got us a couple of bird feeders last weekend. The cold weather seems to have sent all the birds into hiding right now, but I’m sure they’ll be back before long. We are all so excited to what sorts of birds we have around here. Oh, wait! I’m seeing some hop around the yard now…I think I’ll go put out an open dish of food to attract them.

Till next time!


One Response to “On my mind…”

  1. John’s fiancee is Laotian and made us all egg rolls for Thanksgiving – yum. Congrats on your reader!

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