A good week

It’s been a good week around the Depeche Mom household.  Just three days of school allowed for much play time for the kids.  I love listening to them play-both together and alone.  Of course, there was plenty of tattling and such that goes along with “together time”, but it’s generally worth it when I get to hear them play nicely together.  

We had a good time watching the inauguration on Tuesday.  No matter your political views, I do hope you are able to step back and realize how far we’ve come as a nation.  You don’t have to agree with Obama’s political views to understand the significance of his triumph over extreme odds.  I don’t consider it a good thing that I never expected to see an African American as President in my lifetime.  I do, however, consider it a good thing that my children won’t question the idea at all.  Belle picked our book, A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson, for our reading time that night.  As I read the lines, “The slaves were used by their owners to plant and clear the fields, to cook and serve meals, and to take care of children” I stopped to explain the situation to the kids.  Yes, we’ve come a long way since those days.  But seriously, that was in the 1700’s.  And yet, it was not that long ago that African Americans were not allowed to eat in the same restaurants or attend the same schools as whites.  Heck, they were barely even treated as humans well into the 1900’s.  So, yeah, I think it’s pretty cool that the majority of Americans chose an African American man as President.  Not because he’s African American (the numbers from the exit polls clearly supported this), but because they liked his politics.
That seems to be something many people are having a hard time accepting.  To that I say, be a gracious loser.  Teach your children/friends/coworkers/random strangers a good lesson in handling difficult situations.  Stand up for what you believe, take proper actions through state and local government to make your opinions known, but understand that you live in a place where majority rules and sometimes you will not be in the majority.  And, while I’m on this little roll of  mine, let me say this-let us all not be fooled by the game that is politics.  No one human, man or woman, is going to save the world nor destroy it.  There’s so much more I could say on this, but I’m not sure I want to go there right now.  Maybe another day, maybe not.  I don’t talk politics much because I don’t consider it to be a big part of me as a person.  I’m a mom, a friend (who happens to be terrible about making phone calls), a Christian, a wife, and SO MUCH more than who I voted for.  [Yes, I know that’s a very bad sentence.  But this is my blog, and if I want to leave that preposition sitting there at the end of the sentence, then so be it!]

Back to our week- Yesterday was my 34th birthday!  I started the day off with Bible Study, where I was greeted with birthday hugs and donuts.  My parents called while we were en route and sung to me over the phone.  I wonder how many 34-year-olds parent’s still call and sing to them.  It’s who they are and what they do.  I will forever be their daughter, just as my kids will forever be mine, so I let them do what makes them feel good.  J and Belle picked out the perfect cake mix and frosting.  All three kids helped make (and frost!) the cake.  J picked up Chinese for dinner.  J put the kids to bed while I chatted with my sister on the phone.  And, my facebook page was filled with birthday wishes from friends throughout every stage of my life.  A good day, indeed!

The weekend should be a quiet one.  Hopefully J can make some progress on my birthday present-a huge antenna so we can get local channels.  It’s doubtful that we’ll get more than NBC, but I’d be happy with that.  I hope you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones this weekend.  I, for one, am looking forward to dozing on the sofa tomorrow morning surrounded by my two little ones.  And now I am off to bathe the kids!  Wish me much patience, I’m sure I’ll need it.


3 Responses to “A good week”

  1. My parents still call me to sing happy birthday:) They’ll even leave a singing voicemail if I don’t answer.

    I’m glad you had a good week. Welcome to 34… It’s a good age!

  2. Amy Reeves Says:

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to youu, happy birthday dear Depeche Mom, happy birthday tooo yoouu!

    It hard to believe that we can be “older” and feel just like we did when we were younger. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. My parental units still sing to me on my birthday as well and I love it.

    I agree with you statement about Obama. I watched it and was blown away by the magnitude of the event. I may not agree with all of Obama’s policies but I am happy that as a Nation that we have moved on. Well enough of that hullaballoo. Enjoy your birthday week.

  3. Good commentary. You know my politics of course. Having said that. I am glad for the day in history. I remind myself that God “sets the kings in authority” or something like that. So ultimately, God was in charge of what is going on whether McCain or Obama won.

    Happy Birthday to you!

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