Iced in

We’ve had a rather icy morning here. I prayed that it would start early enough for them to cancel school before it started, and it did! I really did not want to deal with the stress of icy roads + school bus versus icy roads + me, Little Bear, and Little Lamb in the car.

A side benefit to all this ice is the birds have been super active at the feeders and on the ground. We purposefully bought smaller feeders to keep the blue jays and squirrels away, but I’m feeling a bit more generous today. So, I put a couple of trays of bird seed out in the yard and sprinkled a bit here and there. They’ve actually settled down now, but I feel certain they’ll be back soon.

Here’s a rough listing of what we’ve seen so far:

At the feeders:
Cardinals, male and female
Goldfinches (or so I think-they’re a bit more difficult to identify in the winter)
A few I can’t identify including a beautiful deep red bird (not a cardinal)

On the ground/In the trees:
Blue Jays (6 or more!)
Woodpeckers-either a downy or red-bellied, I’m not sure
Eastern Bluebirds-LOVE!
Eastern Towhees
Another I can’t seem to find for sure, probably a sparrow or finch (brown and white stripes) but it has this little yellow dot by its beak that doesn’t match the pictures in the book.

I’ll update later if we identify more birds. Activity is picking up again, as is the sleet!


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