A new outlook!

I’m toying around with some different themes on my blog.  I’m a bit tired of the misty look, but I’m not so sure this in “the one”.  It started with a simple banner change, but the silly computer kept tossing the photos out into space somewhere.  Once I finally got the photo to show up, it felt a bit bland.  So, I started testing themes.  The computer tossed my image a couple more times, and now here we are.  Hopefully with a wintery image.  That’s actually Belle there next to that big tree.  I love the sense of perspective it gives.  She seems so big to me most days, but this picture brings things back to reality.

We had a lovely snow storm last Monday night.  I came to bed around 10:30.  J was already in bed studying.  He pulled out his ipod to check the weather forecast and noticed it said it was snowing.  I immediately ran back to the living room and turned on the porch light.  Sure enough there was a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground!  We got about an inch, which was great fun.  Just the right amount for a 2 hour school delay, but not so much to mess up the roads terribly.  

This was taken on Monday night:


Seems we’ll have to put the rest in as a gallery.  I thought I was saving myself time/effort by downloading them all, then inserting them.  But now I can’t find figure out how to add them individually.  I’ve used about all the computer time Little Lamb can stand-ok more than she can stand-so a gallery it is!

Belle came home with a new website from computer lab the other day: http://www.kerpoof.com  You do have to sign up to use some of the extra features, but it seems to be a fun, creative sight.  We still love http://www.starfall.com, esp for those early readers.


2 Responses to “A new outlook!”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    Well, I love the new look. Although I am not sure that it is “you”. I don’t know what is exactly, but probably not gray.

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    I don’t think I would be sad if I didn’t see snow again until 2010. Most of our snow melted- probably 8 inches! THe kids were dancing around to see the brown grass!

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