Day 4!!

Little Lamb is sick with a nasty bug-cough, low grade fever, upset tummy and I spent 90% of the day on the sofa with her. I was determined NOT to miss my workout today as I was much less sore today.
So, I got the kids in bed, cleaned up the kitchen, and popped in the DVD. She has two girls working out-one a little easier than the other on certain exercises-and I’ve worked up to being in the middle of the two.
I’m headed to bed to work on my Bible Study, though I doubt I’ll actually get to go this week. Hope your family is staying healthier than mine!


One Response to “Day 4!!”

  1. Ho is the exercise going this week? Good for me, except 2 days when I was swamped with indoor chores! A little tip for cheap salsa-it is very expensive here, and not that good (sometimes we stumble upon a nice jar) but we use Rotel tomatoes a lot-just $1.

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