Not much new…

There really isn’t much super exciting going on around here lately. I’m up to 8 days of workouts-had to miss a few days last week when I wasn’t feeling well. I’m already feeling stronger, though. I’m planning to start level 2 on Monday, so that will bring another big round of soreness!
One thing I’ve found as I’ve progressed is that taking it slowly (as far as impact) is making the soreness last and last. Maybe I’ll go all in with level 2 and see if it’s any better. And maybe I’ll collapse at the end. We’ll see!
Wednesday began our celebration of Lent. I’ve struggled with what to give up-I often struggle with this. I can come up with things to add on-exercise for one-but I have a hard time coming up with God-driven sacrifices. Belle wanted to give up something this year. I gave her a few choices of special treats she gets once a week, figuring that would be a good beginning for her. She chose to give up getting chocolate milk when she buys her lunch once a week. Explaining the reasoning for the sacrifice to her-a small sample for us of the sacrifice Jesus made for us-has been a good lesson for me as well. Do you give up/take on anything for Lent? I’d love for you to share what you do!
I’ve got my husband around again this weekend. Two in a row! I sure wish this warmer weather would stick around through the weekend, but it looks like we’ll be back in the 40’s for the high. Too bad, so sad.


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