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They do keep me laughing!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 8, 2009 by depechemom

Here’s a few funnies from my kids to give you a smile.

1  We’re driving down a hilly road the other day and Little Bear tells me he likes it when I go on the big hills because it tickles his peenee.  I leave it up to you to understand what he means by that!

2  We’re playing outside in the beautiful weather we’ve had this weekend.  Belle holds up a washer the kids found in the yard and says, “What do you do with this dryer anyway?”  Ahhhahahaha!

3  It’s pajama time and Little Bear is dressing himself in front of Little Lamb’s Princess Vanity.  Once he was dressed, he looked at me and said “Do I look awesome?”  “Oh, yes!” I replied.

Wow, this weekend we’ve had the most amazing weather.  Belle’s fever finally broke this morning, which, of course, led to much bickering with her brother.  We’ll be back to highs in the 40’s by the end of the week.  I just hope we haven’t had too much spring so that the fruit trees are tricked into blooming too early!


Earning my keep

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2009 by depechemom

For quite some time now-close to a year, actually,I have been praying for a way to earn money.  J’s salary isn’t beans, exactly, but it doesn’t stretch as far as this family of five with far too much debt needs it to stretch.  I’ve tried all kind of avenues-talking to teachers, friends, etc to get my name “out there” as willing to work.  I even considered going back to teaching full time, but I couldn’t find the right person to watch my kids, and day care isn’t an option for us.  I’ve begged and pleaded with God to bring the right situation along, and I’ve had a few possibilities that fell through at the last minute.  We all know the economy is tanking, which means that some of J’s loans that were in deferment are no longer, ultimately because those companies need every penny they can suck out of us.  Just what we needed, another bill!
So last week, when an opportunity for work presented itself, you’d think I would have been jumping for joy.  Instead I found myself saying “Really, God?  This is what you had planned??  Surely not!”  After much prayer and discussion with J, I agreed to a three day trial period.  You know what?  It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined.  I know that has the potential to change over time, but for now I’m accepting the challenge.  I’m going to be watching three young (5, 4, 2) children in the afternoon and evening, three days a week.  
I think we have a pretty good thing going here with my little family, and I’m excited to be able to share our take on family life with these young souls.  I’m also realizing that I’m gonna have to work my booty off around the house the other 4 days of the week, because wow 6 kids around the house is exhausting!


On another note, we have been anything but healthy the past few weeks.  Poor Little Bear is still fighting issues with his ears.  A cold brought fluid behind his ears, and decreased his ability to hear as well.  We tried a nasal spray to clear the fluid, but he still managed to get an ear infection about a week later.  We’re nearly finished with the round of meds, and I’m still not seeing an improvement in his hearing.  We go back in 10 days to repeat the hearing test.  Belle is sick this week with a virus, which I really thought (actually hoped) was strep-headache, fever, sore throat with white patches, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes.  At least with strep you get some meds to fix it instead of riding it out.  She’s pretty good so long as the Motrin is working, but isn’t much fun when it wears off.  Little Lamb started in with a runny nose this morning.  Could be allergies.  Could be another illness gracing us with its presence.  

So, yeah, I’ve been busy tending to my loved ones and those of others.  But that’s what it’s all about around here.