They do keep me laughing!

Here’s a few funnies from my kids to give you a smile.

1  We’re driving down a hilly road the other day and Little Bear tells me he likes it when I go on the big hills because it tickles his peenee.  I leave it up to you to understand what he means by that!

2  We’re playing outside in the beautiful weather we’ve had this weekend.  Belle holds up a washer the kids found in the yard and says, “What do you do with this dryer anyway?”  Ahhhahahaha!

3  It’s pajama time and Little Bear is dressing himself in front of Little Lamb’s Princess Vanity.  Once he was dressed, he looked at me and said “Do I look awesome?”  “Oh, yes!” I replied.

Wow, this weekend we’ve had the most amazing weather.  Belle’s fever finally broke this morning, which, of course, led to much bickering with her brother.  We’ll be back to highs in the 40’s by the end of the week.  I just hope we haven’t had too much spring so that the fruit trees are tricked into blooming too early!


One Response to “They do keep me laughing!”

  1. Kids say the cutest things, don’t they?

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