It’s been a while!

It seems like it’s been an eternity since I last wrote.  In fact, it’s been nearly a month, which is just sad, really.  It’s not that we haven’t been busy, but a month???  Since I last wrote, we drove up north to visit J’s brother and family, my parents came for a visit, and we drove east to visit J’s other brother-whose wife is expecting a baby in the next month!!  
I’m still watching the kids 3 days a week, so you know that is keeping me quite busy.  There was one weekend where I actually went to two events completely by myself!  It was certainly the calm before the storm, as far as having J available to help out.  
And rain, man have we had plenty of gray, overcast days.  Not so much drenching rains, but too little sunshine for my taste.  And just what does it say when I’ve resorted to discussing the weather here on the little blog of mine?  More than anything it says that I am ready for the blossoms to fill my yard.  The Bradford Pears have come and gone, the Forsythia is going strong, but I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Dogwoods.  We don’t have any cherry trees in our yard, but I’ve seen some blooming around town.

So I intended these photos to up a bit higher, but this is where they wound up and this is where they are staying!  We went to a playground one day when we visited J’s brother (the one expecting the baby).  Some how or other I dressed all the kids and myself in red shirts and jeans.  I seriously didn’t even notice it until we were all dressed and the day was half over.




If you’re still with me, well I’m actually quite shocked!  Other news around here-we got some chop sticks the other day at World Market.  The girls had lots of fun trying them out when J made Pad Thai.  


Let me introduce my youngest daughter, Baby Jaguar Super Hero.  Little Lamb is all about dressing up and assuming a new identity.  You can expect to be heavily reprimanded if you forget to call her by her new name.


When my parents came for their visit, they surprised the kids with a new swing set.  We’ve had a few bumps and bruises, but all in all they’ve had a ton of fun on it.  It seems that most of my pictures involving the swing set contain the kids I watch, and I’m not comfortable posting pics of someone else’s kids.  I’ll work on fixing that this week.  But, here’s one of Little Bear for good measure.


This must be a record for most rambling in one post.  I’ll save the flower pics for another day…


3 Responses to “It’s been a while!”

  1. Great pics!!! I’ll never stop checking in to see if you’ve written… that is where RSS comes in handy! 🙂 Hope to come visit soon… maybe first weekend in May?

  2. Those are great pics from your visit here! (I love the one of Belle jumping off the stairs!) And I didn’t know that Jeff makes pad thai…mmm, we might let him make that for us next time you all visit;) I hope we can all get together again as soon as your newest little niece makes her appearance!

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    jealous-not one bloom here-i MISS bradford pears a lot- we had a line of them in Lubbock on our street. our blooms come in june-but at least we have sun.

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