Keep ’em open, part 2

Here is my second tale:
Some of you may read the blog, Mom to the Screaming Masses, by Carmen Staicer.  She’s a mom of six, gifted writer, weight loss champion, exercise enthusiast, and much more.  She suffered an injury this winter which not only made it impossible for her to exercise, it also caused her take a leave from work.  As much as this injury has frustrated her, she’s remembered to keep her faith, to seek His will, and pray and pray and pray.  Fighting guilt of letting herself, her husband and her children down, she decided it was time she quit her job in favor of being available to her children more.  She recognized that things simply weren’t functioning properly with her trying to do it all, yet she knew her family depended on her income.  She sought writing work from every source she could imagine.  She took a long shot, and applied for a writing job she thought she’d never get.  Guess what?  She got it!  God is faithful!  There are still many hurdles to jump, and recovering from her injury is just one of them.  But without that injury, she would not have laid witness to God’s hand so clearly working in her life.

Many question the mere existence of a true God.  But those of us who dare to place our lives in His care, we are rewarded now and will be forever!  It’s ok to admit when things aren’t working.  I will learn to put guilt aside when seeking His guidance.


One Response to “Keep ’em open, part 2”

  1. Thanks for the link. You are exactly right when you saywe will be rewarded!

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