Just a day

I read a few bloggers who recount the basic things of their day, almost “Dear Diary” style, and I thought I’d give that style a whirl this week. 
[I feel it is important here to remind you that absolutely, completely understand that I am not a very good writer.  I felt lucky to get a B in my English classes, and sometimes (read: more often than my parents would like) I wasn’t very lucky.  I’ll never be able to weave a tale as well as many writers out there, but I’m guessing if you’re still coming back here…it isn’t for my writing skills.]
Sometime around March I begin to tire of the early morning rush to get the kids out the door by 7:40.  I still take Belle to school in the mornings, and we generally go inside 3 of those mornings a week.  By May, I’m ready for summer break!  Especially on Mondays.  Thankfully Belle set her alarm this morning, or we might have overslept.  After dropping Belle at school, Little Bear, Little Lamb, and I come home for a bit to play until we take LB to school.  I had little appetite this morning which left be dragging from the lack of caffeine.
Once LB was delivered to school, LL and I came back home.  Monday’s are particularly hard for LL, as she rather likes having Belle and Little Bear home all weekend.  We snuggled on the sofa and watched a little Playhouse Disney.  Then, we headed out to the new! super nice! super close! grocery store.  I even let her ride in the fancy airplane carts, which I rarely do because of all the nasty germs in those things.  But these are nice, and new, and must surely have fewer germs on them.  
If you’re interested, we’ll be having chicken enchiladas, salmon with rice and a beurre blanc sauce, spaghetti, and something else with chicken which I don’t remember right now.  I also forsee this cake in my near future.  I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be with freshly picked strawberries, but the store bought ones will have to do this week.    
After the store, we picked up Little Bear and his buddy JS.  He still comes over on Mondays for a couple of hours.  This week, my other charges came over early so I had 6 kids, with only 2 of them mine, for a while.  They played super heroes/Little Einsteins for a while until I brought out the playdoh.  That entertained them for a solid half hour, maybe more!  Totally worth the effort of cleaning the table and vacuuming afterwards. 
 Once JS left, Belle came home from school.  The kids played various super hero games, all with Tinker Toy weaponry, for a while.  I had them clean the bedrooms between dinner and dessert-it’s not enough just to eat all your dinner around here.  You have to work for your sweets!  After dessert, Belle decided to have a Ball in the living room.  Basically this meant turning on a Baby Mozart cd and dancing with partners around the room.  They were quite cute, trying to do dips and everything, and it lasted much longer than I’d imagined.  
Once the kids’ mom came, it was nearly 8:00.  We sent them on their merry way and commenced to putting our kids to bed.  I did get some random burst of energy and vacuumed the dining room (see: playdoh fun earlier), living room, hallway, and kitchen.  It will be so nice to wake in the morning to clean carpets!  The house is appropriately quiet now.  J is studying in the dining room and I’ve got a crafty project to finish up.  A nice end to a busy day!


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  1. Yay! I like the style and I love reading about your day! I check almost every day. Keep it up girly… makes me feel like we are there and my kids are playing super hero with them! love ya

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