Prancing Lion

Today, being Tuesday, was playgroup day.  This group is made up of fellow resident spouses.  The weather was absolutely beautiful today-the perfect day for a visit to the park!  The kids played well together-Little Lamb dressed as a lion-and mostly stuck to the bouncy/rocking things.  This park has a two seater airplane, and Batman and the lion were on that one quite a bit!  I forgot my camera today, so I don’t have any cute photos of them.  We had a fun pignit (picnic in LB language) with our friends before heading out.
Today was also “Bring a friend day” at a local ballet studio and one of our friends invited both LB and LL to participate.  They were quite timid at first, but before long they were dancing and prancing about the room.  Of course, mine were the only two not in traditional ballet wear.  I didn’t really have a small enough leotard for LL and wouldn’t know what to put LB in…so I just avoided the issue altogether.  I happened to run into another friend (who attended playgroup when we first moved here) whose daughter was also invited to the class.  We had fun catching up, and she even gave me a few encouraging words about our upcoming interview process.
We had one small, new thing tonight.  Little Lamb brought her giant Pooh Bear to dinner tonight, placed him in a chair, and asked me to get him a plate and cup.  I drew the line at putting actual food or drink in them, because I wanted to be able to put them back in the cabinet.  We pretended to give him cucumbers and bread, and he seemed to enjoy them all!  It’s fun seeing the different things that LL does that the older two did not.
I’ve made decent progress on my crafty project for each of the grandparents, what with the 3 hour Biggest Loser finale tonight.  I’m still shocked that the 63 yr old man won the at home prize.  He was so proud of himself, it was cute.  I fully expected Tara to win the big prize, but, wow, did Helen give her a run for her money!  
It’s late and I’m exhausted…off to bed!


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