Caught in the flurry

I feel like I’ve been picked up by a strong wind, blowing me to and fro, during this last month of school.  Saturday was Belle’s last soccer game followed by yet another spring birthday party.  Sunday was the last week of Sunday School for the year.  The kids have loved their teachers and have learned a lot.  Even Little Lamb has gotten to go to Little Bear’s class sometimes, which is a super treat for her!  
Yesterday, I helped chaperone the first grade field trip.  I even rode the school bus.  What a treat that turned out to be!  Basically, we drove 1.5 hours, rushed around a really cool kids discovery type museum, and drove 1.5 hours back to school.  I spent most of the ride home praying the little girl sitting next to me didn’t puke.  Seriously.  The poor girl spent the last 10 or so miles hunched over the trash bag, that’s how badly she felt.  She’s a really sweet girl and has been a great friend to Belle, so that made it a little easier to reassure her.  (In case you don’t know, puking is the one thing that will send me running for the hills faster than fast.)  Once we finally got back home, I was so exhausted.  I told the kids to sit on the sofa, let Belle pick out a show, and the little ones and I took a nice nap.  Thankfully I’d already made the lasagna for dinner, so all I had to do was stick it in the oven.
To top it all off, J came home from work with a horrible migraine.  He went straight to bed to sleep it off.  [Thankfully, just after the kids and I finished dinner, he emerged feeling much better.  And hungry!]  Meanwhile, I chatted with an old friend for a while on the phone while the kids colored.  I was just about to get started on J’s birthday gift from the kids when he woke up.  I’m hoping to get to it later today.  After a phone conversation with Mimi and Grandad, followed by a web cam chat with them, we wrangled the kids to bed.  J and I sat on the sofa together, listened to music on his IPod, and talked about our marriage, the marriages of several of our friends, our upcoming trip to NC to visit all of J’s family, and such.  Then, we watched several White Stripes videos on You Tube.  (Sorry, I’m too lazy to link to them.  Great music-heavy on guitar and drums, if you’ve never listened to them before.)  With each video, J turned the volume and little louder.  It’s amazing what the kids just sleep right through!
Today is Little Bear’s last day of preschool.  We’ll go on Friday for a big celebration, but this is his last class day.  I can’t believe it’s over already.  He moves up to the Pre-K class next year.  As excited as I am to have him home with me for the summer, I’m sad that the year is over already.
Little Lamb and I did our usual Wednesday routine of going to Belle’s school to make copies.  LL is so cute sitting with the big kids during snack time.  Now, I’m off to cuddle with my little girl before my charges come over.


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