Taking the bait

My sister-in-law challenged herself to do a post a day for this month.  She’s using the alphabet as her guide for each day (A is for, B is for, etc).  I told myself this wasn’t the time for me to try something like this, but then every day I come up different things to use with the letters.  Except A.  I was stuck on A.  Clearly I’m starting in a little late, but I figure I’ve got a few days of cushion what with 26 letters and 31 days.  And, if I spill into August a bit, no harm done!  And so I bring you…

A is for All right, already.  I’ll do this thing!

I do want to give you a quick update about my jaw.  I saw my Internist and he confirmed what J and I believed, that I have TMJ.  His wife suffers from it as well (must be something about being married to a med student turned doctor!) and he said I’d likely be dealing with this for a very long time.  He’s referred me to a TMJ clinic, which I thought was run by the ENT department.  But when the paperwork came yesterday, it said Dentistry Clinic on it.  So I guess I have to list my dental insurance rather than health?  I’ll get it all figured out this afternoon.
While I’m in the updating mood, I’m no longer taking care of the 3 kids.  Back when LB had his surgery, she sent them to a daycare and has decided to keep them there.  So there went my income, gone just like that (snaps for effect).  I’m praying that God will open a new door.  I know He will, it’s just a matter of me being patient in the meantime.  I’d certainly appreciate any wisdom you could send my way!


2 Responses to “Taking the bait”

  1. I have no real wisdom except to wait and see and enjoy the time with your own kids without extras. 🙂
    Time is short – pretty soon they’ll be off to summer camps and driving and college…
    Good luck with the TMJ. Hope they can give you some relief.

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you are going to do the challenge with me!

    Praying for solutions all around…

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