C is for Crafts!

(Sorry I haven’t made it back to finish up the “B” post. That’ll have to wait for another day.)

     For organized crafts, I have to say the Alex brand crafts are among my favorites. Especially when I find them on a random 50% off sale! I swoon over fun things at HearthSong and Magic Cabin, but they tend to be out of our budget.
     A few months ago, a friend linked to a blog written by an art teacher who shares fun projects. I immediately added her to my reader. Some of her projects are more involved-I’d REALLY love to one of her murals with Belle’s whole grade-but she also has several simple crafts.
     One such idea was her fireworks project. We decided to take a drive up the mountain to see the fireworks this year. I knew we’d have some time on our hands before the fireworks started, so I grabbed a pad of paper and a small set of crayons. With a simple set of instructions, the kids set to work. Clearly, LL didn’t really follow the directions, and LB’s creation was a bit more, ummm, creative. But, people noticed that our kids weren’t running amuck on the mountain. They were occupied and, therefore, they behaved.  And all it took was to read a quick blog post, grab a pad of paper and some crayons, and toss them in my bag!


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