D is for DSL!

If there is one thing I’ve bored you guys with over the last year, it’s talk about our internet connection.  Early this month, as I was dropping off the rent at our landlord/neighbor’s house, we learned that the phone company had put in new lines in our area.  I told J that afternoon and he immediately set about a cost comparison of switching to dsl (which did involve “breaking” our contract with our other internet service) to keeping our current service.  DSL won by a landslide.  We can now watch videos with ease and don’t have to deal with the intermittent dropped service-every morning around 8 am, our old internet would go out for up to a half hour.

We’re all quite excited about it and have spent much of the weekend watching You Tube videos and old episodes of shows like GI Joe.  J is plotting Little Bear’s next obsession…


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