E is for Excellent!

And Exactly what I needed!

We had a really great day, here in depechemom land. I filled a plastic bowl with water out on the deck and the kids spent hours playing Polly Pockets in the “pool”. They used the Mickey Mouse Playhouse slide for a fun entry and splashed away. Thank goodness for the two princes we have from the Disney sets, so Polly’s aren’t just a girl thing.
Meanwhile, I drug out the sewing machine and started working on some pillow covers for our sofa. J bought me some nice pillows a year ago, but it wasn’t long before they were full of stains. Most of them have silk covers which have to be dry cleaned-that’s not happening any time soon! I found some cloth napkins on clearance that coordinate with our table cloth and the general colors of our living/dining room. I have one nearly finished and the other is still in the design phase. If I’d kept them more simple, they’d already be finished. I just can’t leave well enough alone. That’s alright, though, because I’ve had a ton of fun designing them. With any luck, tomorrow will be F is for finished!

Here’s a couple pictures of the the kids playing away.




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