F is for Finished!!

Yes, friends, I did indeed finish BOTH pillows. The second one went much faster than I expected, which was a happy surprise. I won’t be able to share any pictures until tomorrow as J’s laptop is in the windows mode and I can’t download the photos until I get it back in mac mode. That sounds more complicated than it really is. Mostly I just have to wait until morning, when he’ll be finished recording his music, and restart the computer.
I am super thrilled with the pillows! Now if I just had a sofa worthy of the pillows…Another day, perhaps.

Here’s the early design phase, showing the napkins in their original state.  (And a rather lumpy pillow insert.)


Here is the first pillow.  The patchworking went quickly enough, but the hand stitched circles took a little extra time.  In the end, I think it was time well spent.  I have it sitting here with the table cloth that matches the napkins.


Here’s the second pillow.  I switched it to a different pillow insert which fits it better, but I’d already taken the picture and I’m just lazy enough not to take another!  I was quite nervous with how the machine stitching around the circle and the flower would go, but I’m really happy with it!  It’s purposefully imperfect.


And now, I’m working on a third!  I seem to have some sort of illness…


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