G is for Girls!

I knew when Belle was born that I’d dodged a big bullet.  I’d never have to hope and pray the “next one” would be a girl.  At the time, I was fairly indifferent about having a son.  J didn’t have huge aspirations of having a son either, so we were both somewhat relieved to have a girl.  (Of course, now that I have a son, I realize I had NO idea what a blessing it is to have a son.)  In fact, J and I were a bit apprehensive to learn we were having a son when I was pregnant with Little Bear.  We’d always imagined having two little girls in frilly dresses and sweet hairbows.  But we knew above all, that we were thankful for a happy, healthy baby, no matter the sex.  Then, when Little Lamb was born, I was excited to finally have two girls to dress is pretty dresses and play with their hair.
The funny thing is, these two girls of mine are so very different from one another.  When Belle was 2.5, she refused to wear anything but dresses.  She knew every princess movie forwards and backwards.  She sang songs in her sweet little girl voice and danced to the Sleeping Beauty music in her room every day.  When it came to accessories, the more the better.  Sparkly shoes, a feather boa, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, crowns were all a daily affair.  Belle was (and still is) a girly girl through and through.  
Perhaps it’s due to her proximity in age to Little Bear, or maybe it’s just how she’s wired, but Little Lamb just is not the girly girl that Belle was.  She will wear dresses if I pick them out, but she doesn’t choose them herself.  I tell her she has to wear hairbows “to keep her hair out of her face”, but she generally pulls them out half way through the day.  She wears sunglasses to keep the sun out of her eyes, but she’d much rather have Little Bear’s Wall-E glasses than her own flowery ones.   She hardly knows the princesses by name, but she knows who Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, and Tony Stark are.  (That’s Spiderman, Batman, and Ironman, if you didn’t know.)  She’d rather be Anakin Skywalker than Princess Leia any day.  In fact, she’ll probably cry if you ask to play as Padme or Leia.  She likes animals, much like Belle, but she often picks cows over cute things like cats or dogs.  She does play with girls when they play Pollys, but she’s had some pretty big fights with Little Bear over our two boy Barbies.
Little Lamb is a fun little girl, that’s for sure.  And, she’s growing up far too quickly for my taste.  I didn’t expect her to be just like Belle, but I never would have guessed the princess castle would sit untouched all this time or that I’d have no need to replace the broken crown in the dress-up box.  Belle is still hoping she’ll come around and start liking more girl stuff.  Me, I’m just having fun watching her be her own little self.  There’s no greater gift than to watch your children blossom right before you eyes!


One Response to “G is for Girls!”

  1. So true! My girls are the exactly the same – one a tomboy and one a girly girl. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

    ps – have you ever read the book “sisters”? I’ll let you borrow it… so cute and true!!

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