I is for…I don’t know what it’s for!

I just can’t think of anything to use with “I” besides possibly interesting and that just seems silly. I’m in the midst of a “hurry up and clean, my parents are coming in a few hours!” kind of day, so I don’t have much time to sit here at the old computer. I did, however, want to drop in and tell you about something unexpected I found. (If only I could have come up with an “I” word that meant unexpected…)
We headed to Target yesterday for the first time in quite a while. My love runs deep for Target, but it’s often rather difficult for me to stay within budget, esp when I have all three kids with me. We were browsing through the dollar aisles, as we always do, and made a surprising discovery…chapter books! They are “Junior Classics” which means they are somewhat abridged versions of the original tales, but I think that puts them at just the right reading level for Belle. I snatched up Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Tom Sawyer, and Black Beauty. While I’d like Belle to read the original writings when she’s ready, I’m excited to add something new to our list for her this summer.


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