L is for Library

Not long ago, I wrote about my love for our library’s summer reading program.  I really do love it, and my only complaint is that it is simply too short!  We had some books that were due today, so I looked online to check the hours for today.  I was sooo glad I did because today was the celebration for the last day of the reading program.  Every year they thank all the kids for participating by hosting an ice cream party at the library.  They also announce how many books were read.  This year the total was over 8400.  Just in our tiny town!
The kids had a great time, and even got the chance to meet Biscuit, the much beloved dog.  We have several of his books, so the kids were anxious to give him a hug.  Little Lamb chickened out in the end, but gave him a couple of sweet waves.  That’s all I really expected anyway.  Here’s a few fun pictures of our evening.  I know, actual pictures!  J isn’t home from work yet, so I was able to sneak a little laptop time.

Little Bear was happy to give Biscuit a big hug!


So was Belle!  This is a seriously big step for her.


Little Lamb enjoying her ice cream sandwich.  In the interest of keeping her from making a complete mess of herself, I took the fall and ate half her sandwich.  Tough job, but somebody has to do it!


Little Bear chose a popsicle which turned his lips and tongue ridiculously red.


My three angels.  Nevermind that it looks like LB is bleeding all over his mouth.  He saved that for the road home when he announced he was bleeding in his nose.  Poor kid was digging for gold, I guess, and gave himself a whopper of a nose bleed.  As for Belle’s smile, I have no explanation.  I’m working on it, but clearly haven’t come up with the magic words.  Little Lamb was far too concerned with her messy hands to worry about a picture.



2 Responses to “L is for Library”

  1. I love that LB is completely squished by Biscuit!! too funny.

    I don’t think our library does and end of the year party… we had our last event already. I’ll have to check! Thank goodness we can renew our books online, or I’d owe quite a few $$$

  2. joz1234 Says:

    The library is such a fun place. Too bad ours was flooded and has mold. Now we have to drive all the way across town to access a library.

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