M is for Me

Today I give you 25 random facts about me.  It’s essentially the same list I used for that huge facebook meme several months ago, though I’ve edited and changed a few bits.  

1. I don’t think well on my feet; I need time to mull things over. I think this is why I don’t use the telephone much and why I like to write things out on paper before typing them.

2. This winter we traded in our rabbit ears for a real deal, pre-cable/satellite days house antenna. Now we get NBC and sometimes PBS!! (Our tree line prevented us from picking up the signal on the satellite with local channels.) [Actually, we often get CBS, ABC, and FOX now as well.  The only thing I’ve watched on any of those channels so far is Martha.]

3. I make lists for everything and keep a pen handy to add things I did, but forgot to write down. I also keep a marker handy for crossing things off the list.

4. I live in a town of around 4000 people.

5. What I miss about living in Lubbock (besides our friends) is being close enough to NM-Santa Fe and Taos-to visit yearly.

6. I can see the mountains from my home and regularly drive to “the other side of the mountain” to go to the grocery store and Target.

7. I’m the youngest of 3 children and the only one of us to leave TX. 

8. I’m a planner and a people pleaser. Unfortunately this leads to many Saturday mornings of me asking J, “What’s the plan, Stan?” because I desperately want a plan but I also want to make him happy. He doesn’t like this much.

9. I think it’s exciting that I have no idea where I’ll be living two years from now.  [We are beginning to get a plan in mind for July 2010-June 2011, but I can’t share that until things are a bit more firm]

10. I’m in a constant tug of war between the world of convenience and doing things the “old” way. This relates to cooking, sewing, raising my kids…everything.

11. I don’t like to admit my mistakes because I keep thinking, given a little bit more time, I’ll be able to fix it.

12. I rarely make it through the night without being woken up by a child.  [This has been much better this summer!  Hooray for sleeping through the night!]

13. I like my cornbread sweet. My Dad thinks it’s terrible and a Nothern/Yankee thing to do; but hey, that’s how I like it!

14. I ate beans (not counting green beans or sickeningly sweet baked beans) and liked them for the first time in the last year.

15. J and I had our first kiss on Friday the 13th. He was expecting a little peck on the lips, but he got a bit more than that!

16. I don’t know how people live without digital cameras-I often take more than 100 pictures in one week.

17. I’m coming to terms with the fact that Little Lamb will be our last child.  As crazy and hectic as things are, I’m a little sad not to see all those precious firsts again.

18. J and I were friends for a year before we dated. As little as 2 weeks before our first date, I NEVER would have guessed we’d get together, much less be married and have 3 kids together.

19. I believe God brings you just what you need when you least expect it.

20. I think there is nothing cuter than 1-3 year old boys in Jon Jons. 

21. I love the sound of a good belly laugh.

22. I moved once as a child, but 6 times since I’ve been married.

23. I love to cook and bake from scratch as much as possible. I’m thinking homemade pasta may be my next experiment.  [Still haven’t tried this.  Though I’m tackling bread right now.  Pasta WILL be next!]

24. I don’t think a family can ever have enough children’s books.

25. I have an uncanny ability to overlook mess while obsessing over important matters-like identifying the birds in my yard with my kids.

I know after I originally did this, I thought of all kinds of “better” random facts.  Fortunately for you, I can’t remember any of them now.


One Response to “M is for Me”

  1. joz1234 Says:

    I have come to love our bread maker.

    The next year or two will bring lots of new changes for all of us! let us know what you will be doing as soon as you can!

    I wish I could over look everything else and just go with the flow. I get cranky.

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