O is for Ouch!

Friday morning I headed downstairs to feed the cat, just like every morning. I was greeted at the bottom of the stairs with a nasty rendition of Hannah’s (the cat) dinner from the night before. I stepped over the mess, choosing to feed her first, looked down at the food bowl, and was suddenly gripped by a terrible pain in my neck and back. I hoped it was the type of muscle spasm that hurts with unimaginable intensity, but then relaxes and the pain disappears as quickly as it came. I stood in the basement, willing the pain to go away. When it seemed clear that the pain was here to stay, I feebly fed the cat, stepped back over the nasty mess, and went upstairs. Thankfully, J had been on call Thursday night which means he was home on Friday. Even more thankfully, J had an easy night Thursday and was able to help with the kids, rather than sleep all day. I spent nearly all day on the sofa, using the heating pad to help with the pain. Even though the kids were sad that I wasn’t able to go do fun things, they were extremely sweet to me, and helped out as much as they could.
I went to bed that night praying that I would be better in the morning. J was afraid I would need a script for a muscle relaxer if I wasn’t better. I’ve never taken anything like that, and I wanted keep it that way.
I woke Saturday morning stiff, but with a much greater range of motion. At my best on Friday, I could turn my head maybe 45 degrees. By the next morning, I was already able to turn my head much further. I spent a little more time on the heating pad and continued to improved throughout the day. I even managed to be able to drive to the mall and take Belle and Little Bear swimming at the pool!
I’m continuing to improve today. Though sitting here typing is beginning to really aggravate it. I’ll put myself to a real test this week as I’m watching a 9 month old baby from 8:30-6:30 all week. She’s not crawling yet, which is a real blessing in my book!


One Response to “O is for Ouch!”

  1. I strain my neck muscles all the time. NOT fun. Sometimes it will take a month or longer to get full neck movement again. I’m sorry you had to go through it! Motrin helps more than muscle relaxers…
    Hope you feel better soon.

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