R is for Ready

J has a big exam this coming week. It takes two days (Mon and Tues) to complete. How ridiculous is that? Two days of computer multiple choice questions. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s a true sign of a capable doctor, to be able to pick the right answer from a selection of 4-5 possibilities for every odd combination of symptoms, reactions, ethical situation, etc.
Can you tell I’m feeling a bit sarcastic about this? I’m sick of the studying. Of having J home this weekend, but not really here. Of seeing him push himself to know more, fearful of the unknown, worrying that maybe, somehow, this would be the time he didn’t study hard enough. We’ll all take a deep breath of relief on Tuesday night and spend the rest of the week playing with J’s family. I’m excited to see everyone, but mostly I’m ready to be done!


3 Responses to “R is for Ready”

  1. good luck to him!!!

  2. praying for him… and we are so excited to see you again!!! The girls have already planned what they are doing with Belle… and PW has a boy party planned for LB. he he!!!

  3. My husband just took a 4 hour architecture exam for his license. He still has 5 more to go. That was his second.

    I’ll never understand why they have to take these tests so long after being out of school. It almost doesn’t seem fair. When he designs he has a library of books to answer any questions at his finger tips.

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