S is for Scientist

Ever since Belle was just over two years old, she’s taken some time to fall asleep.  When she was younger, she would jabber to herself, playing with white baby and pink baby-original names, huh?  Nowadays she generally reads a book, but occasionally she will color or design clothing.  Yes, she really does design clothes.  Yes, I will be in trouble once she hits her teens.
The other night, however, she designed an elaborate contraption called The Bouncer.  It involved a slinky, a bouncy ball, 2 pillows, 2 bowls, and a few other props I no longer remember.  She even drew a picture demonstrating how The Bouncer worked.  The adult in me wasn’t sure it would work as well as she hoped.  I told her she could try it in the morning, hoping she might forget all about it.  Of course, she woke up the next morning ready to try out her experiment.  I helped her gather the necessary parts, bracing myself for the inevitable disappointment.  Much to my surprise, it worked just as she had planned.  Some times it doesn’t pay to be the jaded adult.


2 Responses to “S is for Scientist”

  1. Good for her!! Smart one, she is!

  2. Sounds like you DO have a little scientist on your hands!

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