T is for The One

Belle’s first day of school was Tuesday.  In our family, that means a special dinner selected by Belle.  She chose spaghetti this year.  Easy enough, really.  However, Tuesday evening, around 5pm, I began watching an episode of Barefoot Contessa while feeding  baby C* a bottle.  And what was she making that day, but spaghetti and meatballs.  The recipe calls for a mix of ground beef, pork, and veal.  I only had beef on hand, so that’s what I used.  I also halved the meatball recipe, but kept the sauce as is.  It was delicious!!  We had the leftovers last night (but with fresh noodles) and they were every bit as good as the first.

*baby C is the sweetest little 9/10 month old I’ve had the privilege to watch a couple of weeks this month.


3 Responses to “T is for The One”

  1. Every time I see this title I get the Miley Cyrus song “He could be the one” stuck in my head. See what I do to myself??

  2. mmm…spaghetti and meatballs.

    I feel really stupid right now. I have never liked spaghetti leftovers. Now I know why. FRESH NOODLES!! OMG! Thanks for enlightening me. like I said, I feel stupid!

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