U is for Updated!

See the new look! I think I might possibly like this one. It has been far too long since I’ve actually been happy with the look around here. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than anything I’ve put together lately.
We’re wading our way through new school schedules, ballet class, preschool orientations, doctor’s appointments, new Bible Study commitments…whew! It’s gonna be a heck of a week. Somehow I also have to manage to plan two birthday parties. One girl (Belle) has big plans-too big, if you ask me-and the other (Little Lamb), well I just have no idea what she wants. She’s so easily swayed by her siblings, that I really don’t know what SHE likes. And all that’s without considering J’s crazy schedule this week. I’m sure I’ll survive to tell the tale, but I suspect I’m going to be a tired Mama come next weekend!


One Response to “U is for Updated!”

  1. I like the look! very colorful!

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