V is for Very Close Call

A couple of nights ago I was dreaming some whacky dream about my mom.  I woke up from said dream around 3am feeling warm.  I got up to walk around a bit, figuring it was my restless legs making my hot.  I checked the thermostat, just to be sure, and then walked into the living room.  I quickly turned back down the hall when I heard that familiar bug banging into a light sound.  The only light was from the nightlight in the hallway, and sure enough there was a big ole bug, drawn to the flame, if you will.  I took a double take, hoping my sleepy state was causing my eyesight to fail me.  Unfortunately, my fears were confirmed.  The bug was a gigantic hornet!!
After a moment of freaking out, I pulled myself together and headed to the basement for the super huge bug spray.  (Not the official name.  Clearly.)   When I went downstairs, I turned on the light over the stairs.  I had no idea at the time, but this turned out to be stroke of genius.  The bug, once again drawn to the flame, joined me on the basement stairs.  It was banging into the light at the top of the stairs.  I ran and grabbed the spray, but didn’t want to fight the beast on the stairs.  So, I turned on the light in the laundry area and turned off the light on the stairs.  Immediately the bug flew to the new light.  I sprayed that nasty bug at least 4 times.  I didn’t want to smush it-that wouldn’t leave any photographic evidence.  So, I left it writhing away on the floor and got back in bed.
Now, normally I’m not much on killing bugs, especially not with chemicals.  But sometimes, that’s just what you’ve got to do.  As I lay in bed, I was so thankful I had woken up.  I often pray that God will wake me, should someone need me in the night.  I kept thinking how terrible it would be to wake up by being stung by that beast!  Especially since the only other light in the house was in Little Bear and Little Lamb’s room.  Unfortunately I was so thankful, I couldn’t get back to sleep until around 4:30am.
Here’s a picture of my nighttime visitor.  Keep in mind, it was MUCH bigger before I sprayed it.  In fact, it was shocking how quickly it shriveled!   Even still, you can see it was still larger than the quarter after the big shrivel.



3 Responses to “V is for Very Close Call”

  1. wow! he’s big!
    I’m all for killing bugs with chemicals…I don’t like smooshing them.

  2. Hey! It is just like my good friend from last summer… Mr. Giant Bee! http://halfmyheart.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/g-is-for-giant-bee/
    …and yes, I believe he was much, much bigger than the picture leads on.

    So glad that you all are okay… bee stings are no fun (and I am very allergic, blah)

  3. oh, my! i’m glad you woke up too…and he is huge! thank G-d for weird dreams that awaken us in the middle of the night!

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