W is for Worry and WOW!

Belle is somewhat of a worry wort.  I have a tendency to worry about things now and then, but I suppose that goes with the territory of being a female.  The thing about Belle is, she tends to worry about things which she needn’t be concerned.  I happened to share an idea I’ve used with a couple of friends this week and they liked it, so I thought I’d share it with you.  I explained to Belle that some things are “kid worries” and others are “adult worries”.  So when she starts asking those “what-if” questions on a subject that’s too big for her, I tell her it’s an adult worry.  She’s a thinker and I worry (ha! 🙂 ) about her spending time mulling over things she really has no control over, like money, where we’ll move next, or what happens if our house is robbed.  I give her a small answer, so she knows I’ve already thought through it, and then tell her it’s J’s and my worry, not hers.  Hopefully, this will help her learn how to release things to a “higher” power.

And now for the WOW!  I’m posting this link mostly for my friend Jennifer.  She may have already seen it for herself, but I have so say this is the most stunning picture of a butterfly I’ve ever seen!  Karen is such a gifted photographer, and I can’t wait until her book is out!


2 Responses to “W is for Worry and WOW!”

  1. Thank you! That was beautiful.

  2. marybeth hoover Says:

    I like the adult worry and kid worry phrases-We will definitely use that one around here! You know who sits up at night worrying about all sorts of things.

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