Y is for Yearbook

I’m helping with the Yearbook at Belle’s school this year.  I know absolutely nothing about the actual construction of the book, which is fine because the Mom who is in charge is a graphic designer.  I’m simply going to keep track of order forms and other organizational stuff.  I’m looking forward to having a sneak peak of the book, though!  The Yearbook, or rather Annual, at my school was a really big deal.  I attended a K-12 school and we were all in one book.  The books were big-about an inch thick-and were highly anticipated.  The release date was always guarded under extreme secrecy. We always had a big all-school gathering when they were finally released.  The signing of the books was a very big deal as well.  Belle’s school doesn’t get into the hoopla much.  The books are handed out to those who order them and that’s pretty much it.  I guess the fanfare is reduced so the kids who can’t afford to buy them don’t feel badly.


One Response to “Y is for Yearbook”

  1. The best way to get kids excited about yearbooks again is to make them appeal to their aesthetics and their interests. In their free time kids rarely sit down with a book these days, rather they’re on the web chatting with friends on facebook or twitter.

    At my school we decided to start publishing digital yearbooks instead of traditional print yearbooks. Hoping to boost enthusiasm for the annual yearbook, while also saving a bunch of money on production and printing costs. We bought a program called yearbook alive (yearbookalive.com) and built a digital yearbook that has thousands of photos and hours of video. The design is pretty slick and the kids seem to really love it.

    Good luck with your endeavor, yearbook committee can be quite an adventure!

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